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Exercise and NutritionExercise and Nutrition

Exercise & Nutrition

Whey Protein: Benefits and Risks

Whey Protein: Benefits and Risks

What is Whey Protein? People usually treat Whey protein as supplementation, which can help the mass muscle protein's growth after high-load weight training. But people always follow the trend of using such supplements. Do you know the effects and risks of whey protein and the correct way to use it? The milk we normally consume comprises two proteins, 80% casein, and 20% whey. Casein is also known as the "slow...

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Best Tips for Your Workout

MAJOR LUTIE is not only a manufacturer of fitness equipments, but also a professional coach helps you schdule your home fitness plan. No matter how hard the environment is, workout can never stop. Nothing can stopping you from working out

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