Can I storage plates or a barbell on PLM03?

Of course, you can use plate and barbell combo holder to storage and make the purchase through the link provided:

Is it possible to customize other colors?

We apologize that we do not currently support customization of other colors. You can send the color you want to our after-sales mailbox. We will strive to provide you with more choices in the future based on the actual situation of customer feedback.

Can the cable pulley system be used by multiple people at the same time?

Sorry, our PLM03 cable pulley system is not a dual cable pulley system, and it does not support multiple users at the same time.

Is the PLM03 compatible with other brand's accessories which I have?

PLM03 uprigtht's size is 2" * 3" and hole spacing is one inch. If your accessories are compatible with PLM03 size, then you can use your own accessories.