It's that time of the year: Valentine's Day! Here at Major Fitness, we're busting out some seriously nice deals to celebrate. Starting February 5th, our Valentine's Day Sale offers some savings for your loved one (or for yourself… if you're riding solo, we salute you, too!)
We're giving away free accessories and offering discounts across our range. Let's take a look at those Valentine's Day savings now! PS, our sale runs from February 5th - 18th, 2024!


The Deals: Hot Deals on Major Fitness Gear

Buy any Major Fitness Power Rack or Smith Machine, along with an attachment, and get an instant $30 off our new accessories! That includes our Lever Arms, Rack Mounted Leg Extension, and Shoulder Lateral Raise Attachment!
If you've been looking to make a serious step forward on your home gym project, we're here to support you. Check out our best-selling range of all-in-one machines, racks, and more! We highly recommend checking out the Spirit B52, Raptor F22, or Lightning F35. They're best-sellers for a reason...
Plus, purchase the B52, F35, or F22 models and you'll receive a Major Fitness lucky box worth $80, or maybe even more! You can get home gym essentials like our Thick Folding Exercise Mat, Workout Belt, or more!
We've got more exclusive benefits too! If you've been spying on our B2 or SML07 Smith Machines, or PLM03 Power Rack, you'll get a lucky box, with accessories worth up to $190!
Its intuitive design is modular, allowing you to unlock plenty of new workouts to kick off 2024 with a bang.

Don't Miss Out!

Love your body, health, and partner this Valentine's Day! Whether you're thinking of picking up a gym upgrade for a loved one or simply being a better, stronger you, we're here to support that journey.
Remember, the sale lasts only until February 18th, so don't wait too long!
Shop our complete range via our official store here at Major Fitness, and drop us a line if you've got any questions!


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