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The Original Aspiration of MAJOR

The original aspiration of MAJOR brand is simple——to create multi-functional and cost-effective cages for fitness enthusiasts and provide integrated multi-function system for people who love home fitness. Our products are the basis of convenient fitness and home gym.With the major multi-functional cage, we have the possibility to create any 0+N family fitness method to help the family successfully build a perfect body and pursue a better self. In the future, we hope to reduce the burden of consumers' high costs in commercial gyms and create an economical home gym, where you can exercise at any time without any restrictions on occasions and costs.

MAJOR LUTIE Development Process

The starting point of our Power Cage PLM03 product design is: strong function; Appearance conforms to aesthetics; High cost performance; High stability and safety.


We collected a large amount of data. After one month of collection, targeted design accounted for the highest proportion of functional feedback from netizens.


We study and optimize the cages of hot products in the market, and optimize the appearance and cost performance under stable requirements.


Stability first, safety first, standard pipe, solid protective rod, household 1.5 pipe. (many similar products in the market use non-standard pipes).

Once we experienced a major failure when designing Power Cage PLM07 products. Later, we designed the standard rep for commercial fitness, with a total cost of 700k, just to create the perfect product in our mind.

Our Mission

Our Goals

Our Values

Who We Are

As a new brand, major has the most powerful "weapon" - Ultra-high cost performance and more comprehensive functions to challenge the industry hegemony. In the next 2-3 years, major will change the home fitness industry with its new product appearance and function integrated fitness system and become the top 3 brand in the industry. At the same time, with the concept of "creating a more economical and affordable family Gym", we will lead the industry to continuously improve and change, benefiting consumers.
We Are Challenger! We Are Changer!

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