Eating and cooking healthy meals with your better half can strengthen your bond. It can help prioritize your well-being, crucial for any couple! Plus, when you both eat nutritious meals, you'll have the energy and mood to tackle whatever life throws your way.
We can't stress how important that is - especially if you’re a couple who often hit the gym or even workout together.

Good Health Starts with Eating

Hit the kitchen. Meal prep. Plan ahead and pick out ingredients that you know you can work with. Better health ultimately starts with what we eat, so when we sculpt in the gym, we’re able to give it our all.
There’s countless YouTubers and resources for better cooking for those who align with our goals here at Major Fitness. We’re big fans of Fit Men Cook, for example:


Another familiar face in the cooking world, we love Joshua Weismann’s ability to break down meal planning to make the idea less daunting than ever before:

We’ve got our favorites, though - so we’ll dive right in and share some of our “boosters” and tidbits that help us get ahead. Try some of these out with your partner and let us know what they think!

Start Your Day Right with These Breakfast Ideas

The Major Oat Special:

Either as an overnight oat bowl (let the oats and berries soak, with protein powder overnight), or as a smoothie, use: oats, banana, and protein powder, and add fresh strawberries or blueberries. Looking to add some omega-3s and nutrients? For the smoothie route add chia seeds, spinach, and peanut butter.
The flavor of your protein powder matters here! Serve it up for your partner freshly blended or carefully crafted overnight if going the oatmeal bowl route. Either are solid.

Major Omelette:

3-4 egg omelet (optional: feta cheese) with fried tomatoes and mushrooms, multigrain bread, and a cup of coffee. A classic and great for those who don’t like something too sweet.
Consider sauteed spinach for extra greens and subtract the feta if you’re not a fan of dairy. A great breakfast to kickstart a day full of action!
Protein pancakes are another one that’s floated around our office, but it’s hard to find one that doesn’t feel dry or spongy. We’ve tested a few, and these protein pancakes turn out quite well (cheers Healthy Recipes Blog!)

Healthy Lunch Ideas To Keep Up With The Hustle

Protein-Heavy Fish:

Oven-baked (or done in the pan) fish like trout or basa fillets with broccoli or asparagus. Lemon is an essential here! If you need a carb, lay the fish and greens over a bowl of rice, just don’t overdo it. Your seasoning will play a big part in making this actually good - so play around with herbs and spices that you like. This one is super simple to make two servings with, keeping you both full and happy.

The Chicken Alternative:

Grilled free-range chicken breast, brown rice, cherry tomatoes with walnuts, spinach, and dressing over the top. And for the last time people - season your chicken! Grilling or pan frying is fine here, but make sure you use plenty of spices to make your meat interesting - it’s the key to a happy bowl.

healthy meal prep containers with balanced portions


Dinner Ideas to Re-energize & Rejuvenate

All-Out Beef:

Pan-seared lean beef with onion, garlic, and tomatoes, and sautee greens (bok choy, great pick). We love this as it’s one pan. Your beef can be seared, onions caramelized, then sautee some greens, and you’re done! This recipe will give you plenty of time to unwind with your partner and refuel your bodies after a long day.

The Vege Medley:

Sautee onions, carrots, broccoli, and any other veges you typically stir fry together! Simmer vegetable stock and cream in a separate pot, cooking down until thick. Combine, and serve over your favorite carb (rice, paste, etc). Easy, low-maintenance cooking that leaves you full and satisfied!

Tips for Success

We always say this - healthy cooking for couples (or just finding healthy recipes for couples!) can be one thing, but sticking to it and being consistent is a whole other ball game.
We here at Major Fitness always say - the journey to a stronger tomorrow is worth it. That’s why we shaped it into our new brand and motto! We daydream about optimizing human performance, and so much of that stems from eating the right food, looking after your partner, and training hard.
Invest time in meal planning, budgeting, and cooking the right foods for each other. It pays dividends!

Hitting the Kitchen

Healthy food choices with your partner can help you meet your fitness goals and keep your relationship pleasant and healthy. If you follow these recipes and meal ideas daily, you can prioritize your health, and perform better at whatever you’re doing - be that gym work or otherwise.
Did you find this blog helpful? Stay tuned to Major Fitness for more nutrition and fitness tips! Or if you’re ready to invest in better health, why not check our our range of power racks, Smith machines, and weights? We do it all! 



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