Improve Your PR When Workout in Home Gym

The core of the home gym must be a POWER RACK, especially for professional Weightlifter, Cross Fitters, and Power lifters, which also be called POWER CAGE - is a perfect unit to finish your training schedule such as bench press, barbell squat and dead lift etc.

Whenever you want to process your schedule alone or with your friend, building up a home gym will give you easy access to get passion of workouts. Then, comes the problem, how to Choose an Overall Power Rack Add to Your Home Gym in 2023. Major Lutie Fitness has planned a perfect solution for your 2023 home gym.

  • Power Rack Dimension
  • Power Rack Capacity
  • Power Rack Functions
  • Power Rack Attachments
  • Power Rack Uses

Power Rack Dimension

 Major Lutie Fitness Power Rack

If you're a newcomer of building your home gym or want add something new to your home gym. The most important thing you should know is the space of your room. Most home gym lovers have been stuck in space-lacking situation, which made them pay more shipment fees for replacement. For adding a power rack, the height and the extra space left behind for weight plates is the highlight point. People nowadays has basement or garage doesn't fit the home gym space due to the room height too low or the rack doesn't fit your physical height.

Are you ready to change your shopping plan for a new power cage or clean up your room to measure the size? Check the detailed information of each rack that you interested in, once the right rack has been added to your home gym, you and your friends will be surprised about such a home gym that can beat the smith machine in commercial gym.

Power Rack Capacity

As a workout man, no matter you're a Weightlifter or just an amateur of keeping fitness, consider your PR when choosing the power rack first, whether you want a power rack which is cost-effective but is low weight capacity or expensive but with high quality. If the power rack's weight capacity is lower than your PR, the rack may broken apart.

The power rack different parts have different weight capacity. Such as the J-Hooks, safety bars, dip bars. In addition, some power racks have cables for crossover and the extension capacity of cables are also a highlight point of choosing a power rack. 

Power Rack Functions

Power rack is different from a normal squat rack, power rack has four posts which can guarantee your squat safety better than a old-fashion squat rack. Moreover, power rack as a crucial item of a home gym, give you an easy access of your whole body workout, which squat rack only can do single or just few exercise, can't satisfied people's training passion of workouts.

We used to do exercises with many equipment, now the power rack can meet your multiple requests with only one unit. Power rack is an all in one equipment include with cable crossover, dips, bench press, squat, etc. Whatever you want to workout, a single power rack can satisfied.

Power Rack Attachments

A power rack's functionality and versatility can't get away from the combination of attachments. J-hooks, dip bars, multiple handle bars, those are the just-needed things that you will use in your workout.

And the number of holes on the posts give you more height adjustment options, no matter you're too tall or too short. But the more holes are not the better, if you want the more holes option, check the steel of the power rack first, otherwise the post will bent during your heavy weights.

Such as lat pull-down and landmine exercises only equipped on the power rack which you can't find on a squat rack.

Power Rack Uses

Power rack is not only a fitness equipment, but also a faith in workout and get motivated when your life is stressed and close to fall apart. Workout in your home gym with a power rack can help this sophisticated situation, you don't have to deal with some who occupied your equipment and waste time in waiting for someone to finish the reps. Power rack in a home gym, can help your family get fitness, if your children or wife always have excuses of laziness, workout at home is a best lazy choice.

Note on the Power Rack

Though is a perfect equipment of workout with privacy at home, consider the items that mentioned above and make a choice before fitness store end their discount or coupons. Major Lutie Fitness only represent the professional workout coach and gives the most useful advice of your best choice of home gym.



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