So you're thinking of diving in and creating a home gym - your very own paradise where your fitness dreams can be pursued.
But maybe you're realistic and are looking to weigh up the benefits and cons of having a home gym. We get it. It's a significant investment, and if you're only exploring the hobby casually, it may seem like an extreme investment.
Here at Major Fitness, we're big believers in supporting our users to pursue their fitness goals, big or small. In this blog, we'll give you some of our takes regarding home gyms - what makes them good, and what makes them not so suitable for some.
Let's take a look at some general pros and cons together!

Unparalleled Convenience

We're going to come out swinging with our first point here. No extra commutes. No extra fees. No getting changed and hauling a heavy bag.
Simply enter your room or garage... And get started. We find this especially effective if you schedule a specific time of day and "program" yourself to hit the gym as you would any commercial option.
You'll find the convenience of owning a home gym is noticeable once you get into a pattern, making it much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule.
couple workout in front of power rack

Have it Your Way - The Home Gym Advantage

A home gym is yours. You're the chief designer and end user all in one - so for those who are creative (or picky with the equipment you use), this is your time to shine.
Here at Major Fitness, we develop leading, cost-effective power racks, Smith machines, and gym accessories. These pieces of equipment are designed to be versatile, allowing you to tailor your workout space to your specific fitness goals.
Most will say any home gym needs to start with a power rack, truly the "centerpiece" of any home gym. So why not check out some of our best-sellers? We have options that are foldable and portable (check out the Lightning F35!), or extendable, versatile Smith machines like our Spirit B52, a beast in our line-up! Major Fitness provides the flexibility to configure your gym exactly how you need it.
front view of major fitness smith machine b52 and 35lb plates
Outside of gear, go wild with mirrors, lighting, zones for stretching or cooldowns - you name it! Every space is unique, and a chance to truly make it your own for comfort, performance, and aesthetics.

Expensive upfront cost... But no fees!

Of course, the sheer cost, weight, and logistics of getting racks and gym equipment into your home gym can be expensive, at times even eye-watering... But consider this - no fees!
With a home gym, say goodbye to gym membership fees! Over time, the cost of your home gym setup pays for itself, offering unlimited access to high-quality workouts without recurring costs.

Buying the right (or wrong) gear.

A potential con of setting up a home gym is the challenge of buying the right gear. If you aren't clear on your fitness goals, or you haven't done enough research, this can be a dizzying process.
Selecting equipment that aligns with your fitness goals without overspending or underutilizing your space requires careful consideration. Investing in the wrong equipment could lead to ineffective workouts or unused gear taking up valuable space.
It's essential to research and plan your home gym layout and equipment needs carefully to ensure you make purchases that will support your long-term fitness journey effectively. Take your time going through YouTube reviews (we love Coop from GGR!), and pick out what makes sense for you. Remember, you don't have to rush! Take it slow, buy pieces one by one, and see what works for you.

Wrapping Up

We haven't even touched on things like better hygiene, no waiting times, and picking your music... But we're sure most of that is obvious!
All in all, we're big fans of the home gym and think the pros far outweigh the cons. If you're looking to buy gear, don't forget to check out our lineup of cost-effective racks and machines! Feel free to drop us a line too if you're looking for advice.


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