Product Help

Product help

We have been continuously developing new accessories, and we will soon launch an accessory for leg curl exercises. Please stay tuned for updates.
Yes, our F22 cable pulley system is the dual cable pulley system, and it does support multiple users at the same time.
Our cable pulley ratio is 2:1. When you place a 50-pound weight, ignoring friction, the force you need to pull is approximately 25 pounds.
Our F22 comes in a total of 5 packages. Due to differences in weight and size, they may not be delivered simultaneously during shipping.
Of course, you can use plate and barbell combo holder to storage and make the purchase through the link provided:
We apologize that we do not currently support customization of other colors. You can send the color you want to our after-sales mailbox. We will strive to provide you with more choices in the future based on the actual situation of customer feedback.
Sorry, our PLM03 cable pulley system is not a dual cable pulley system, and it does not support multiple users at the same time.
PLM03 uprigtht's size is 2" * 3" and hole spacing is one inch. If your accessories are compatible with PLM03 size, then you can use your own accessories.
The Smith bar weighs approximately 31.74lb and is about 6.6 feet long.
We don't recommend that you cut the machine yourself. First, it may pose safety hazards, and second, our machines have fixed hole spacing. If you make additional cuts, it might result in the machine not functioning properly.
If you're seeking enhanced stability, we recommend installing the mluti-grip pull-up bar.
Our SML07 is distinct from other products as it includes exclusive additional accessories. The color of these accessories is fixed as red and is independent of the machine's color.
Spirit B2
The Spirit B2 is upgrade of SML07, it is mainly reflected in the upgrade of steel materials and the enhancement of weight capacity.
If you want to use only one side, it is possible, but it is recommended that you try to use both sides at the same time for safety, as this also helps to extend the lifespan of the machine itself.
Of course, you can switch the positions of the two.
The Smith bar of Spirit B2 weighs approximately 36.46lb and is about 7.16 feet long.