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How To Make Up Your Tricep Trainning?

How To Make Up Your Tricep Trainning?

Why is tricep trainning so important?

If you want your arms to look bigger and don't want to be told by your friends that there is not the slightest sign of training, then adding a full set of triceps workouts to your weekly program is essential. While they aren't as often popular as biceps, that muscle group makes up about two-thirds of your upper arms, meaning that only by building up your triceps will your arms look more visually stunning.

And your bench press weight and your triceps are inextricably linked, to a certain extent, to your ultimate weight. In addition, no fitness enthusiast will hate horseshoe-shaped triceps, which is a sign that you have the signs of training. If all of what I've said above isn't enough to focus your training on this often-overlooked muscle group, then go ahead with your biceps training program and see how much progress it makes on your arms.

Composition of the triceps

As you can learn from the illustration, your triceps are a large muscle that makes up the back of your upper arm. The triceps can be divided into three complete sections - the medial, the lateral, and the long head, all of which contribute to the motor contraction of your arm muscle groups.

Very importantly, the triceps muscle group is responsible for elbow extension and, to some extent, determines your elbow extension distance, enabling you to straighten your arm. More technically speaking, the triceps is the only posterior arm muscle group component that spans almost the entire humerus.

Triceps Anatomy

Triceps Anatomy

Medial. This muscle is near the proximal end of the humerus and just below the radial nerve and is spaced from the dorsal surface of the humerus by the medialis muscle.

Lateral. The lateral head is on the dorsal side of the humerus, lateral and near the proximal end of the radial nerve sulcus, in the area from the greater tuberosity down to the lateral interosseous muscle.

Long Head. This muscle arises from the subscapularis node and extends distally to the anterior aspect of the lesser trochanter and the posterior aspect of the greater trochanter.

    Best Tricep Exercises After Chest Trainning

    1. Close-Grip Bench Press

    Close-Grip Bench Press

    The close grip bench press is a multi-joint compound exercise that allows you to work your body's triceps and pecs simultaneously, putting more stress on your muscles and making it easier to train your triceps better after pec training with the triceps as your primary muscle group. Compared to the traditional bench press, this method increases the force on the triceps. It reduces the force on the pectorals by using a close grip starting position. Recent studies have shown that this position is more conducive to increasing weight than a wide grip, which means you can feel a strong sense of force when you add this movement to your list of triceps exercises. 

    2. Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown

    Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown

    The rope triceps press is the quintessential exercise that allows you to apply weight compound to the triceps muscle group more safely and effectively. The tightening sensation is very noticeable. This movement targets the lateral head of the triceps and, if done correctly, can get your triceps into shape quickly and add more weight. If your target is the triceps, then when doing this movement, you can't just add weight but pay attention to the feeling of muscle tightening.

    3. Lying Triceps Extension

    Lying Triceps Extension

    This movement is often referred to as the "skull crusher," Just by the name, you know that this movement is not for beginners. Although there is more than one way to do this movement (for example, overhead and behind the head), the elbow extension remains the same. After you have some foundation in your triceps and can control the muscles well, then bring this movement into the training. When you can control your muscles well and put on weight, you can use this triceps exercise and the dumbbell chest press as a super combo.

    4. Tricep Dips

    Tricep Dips

    This movement involves using your entire body weight, and people with shoulder injuries should take this movement appropriately. You can start with just two sets for warm-up, 8-10 reps per set, and as your muscles get into shape coming into the official sets, you can increase the number of sets and reps. Importantly, the tricep dip is an efficient way to target the lateral head of the upper arm.

    The tricep dip is a great exercise for better sculpting the lines and strength of the triceps. To get the most out of the tricep dip, remember that your body must not lean too far forward. If your body is leaning too far forward, the movement will be focused on your chest. Likewise, suppose the dip is too low. In that case, you will put unnecessary stress on your pecs and anterior shoulder fascia, which can lead to injury.

    5. Diamond Push-Ups

    Diamond Push-Ups

    This is a push-up variation that works on different muscle groups by changing the distance between the arms. At the same time, this triceps training movement can be performed in your home. Although it is traditionally seen as a movement to train the mid-chest seam, the diamond push-up requires you to push the ground to increase your triceps force to lift your body weight. Normal push-ups require you to place your hands shoulder-width apart, which is more conducive to pectoral force. However, by bringing your hands closer together and tucking in your elbows, you can put more pressure on your triceps, especially the lateral head.

    Points That Should Be Alerted

    A triceps and pec workout can help your muscle groups progress gradually while building muscle tone and increasing strength. However, before you start triceps workouts and exercises, you must get some basic requirements straight.

    Warm Up

    Whether training for a marathon or strength training to add muscle bulk, warming up is critical to your overall health and the quality of your subsequent workouts. A warm-up can prevent injury and help build strength and increase the stimulation of your target muscles for your follow-up program, allowing you to perform extreme weight impacts on large muscle groups with half the effort.

    A recent study found that warm-up activities improved performance in 79% of the population, varying widely from less than 1% to nearly 20%, depending on the person. A warm-up can start your workout with gentle calisthenics and small-motion joint activities to get the blood flowing through your arms.

    Avoid overtraining

    When you do any exercise, it is necessary to design a training plan for the day or a weekly plan, which will help your training to be more efficient and also prevent the situation where you don't know what to practice halfway through the exercise. More importantly, don't over-train your triceps because of adrenal stimulation. Too much weight can lead to muscle injury and negatively impact your overall health.

    Also, make sure you target all three heads of the triceps by incorporating various exercises to ensure a balance between the muscles during your workout. If you're just starting out, simply choose weights for 10-12 reps per set. From this point on, you can build your strength by adding weight to each triceps workout or improve your muscular endurance by increasing the number of reps or sets.






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