May 7th, 2024 – Major Fitness, a leading producer of gym equipment, today revealed a powerful new logo as part of their new rebrand for 2024. Previously known as Major Lutie, Major Fitness continues to reshape and reorganize the business, complete with a new refresh on the design front. Taking inspiration from the military, the new logo is now seen across Major Fitness' online presence and new products rolling out this year.


Rationale for Redesign

Major Fitness has grown rapidly since its inception, empowering home gym owners and commercial facilities alike to bravely tackle their training aspirations. The new logo redesign aims to embody the determination, strength, and sense of community that the brand fosters.

Meet the New Logo

Major Fitness camouflage brand logo.

The updated Major Fitness logo draws inspiration from military insignia, featuring a shield emblem and a prominent star. This design symbolizes the unwavering support and guidance the brand offers its customers and the passion they share for fitness.

Customers can expect the same great quality and value they've come to rely on, now backed by an even stronger brand identity.

Product Rollout

Starting today, a selection of Major Fitness products, including the best-selling Spirit B52 Smith Machine, will showcase the new logo in the United States. The rebranding will gradually extend across the company's entire product line as the year continues.

Looking Forward

The new logo launch is part of a continued rebranding effort Major Fitness is undertaking. Upcoming initiatives will further reflect the brand's refreshed identity, including updated packaging, website design, and engaging marketing campaigns.

Major Fitness welcomes feedback on the new logo on its website and social media channels. The company remains dedicated to providing its customers with excellent products and unwavering support to help them achieve their fitness aspirations.

Major Fitness invites you to experience the brand's evolution firsthand. Explore the updated website and discover the latest product lines featuring the bold new logo at

For press inquiries, please reach out our media rep via email at


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