Here at MAJOR FITNESS, we're kicking off 2024 right - with a range of new accessories dropping to complement our leading lineup of squat racks, smith machines, and more.
In this roundup, we'll dive into our latest and greatest additions to our home gym machines. Buckle up!

MAJOR FITNESS 3-in-1 Multifunctional Handle Bar

Your new favorite bar. The 3-in-1 Multifunctional Handle Bar is a true standout in the latest accessories to land in the MAJOR FITNESS lineup.
MAJOR FITNESS 3-in-1 Multifunctional Handle Bar
Compatible with both cable pulley systems and landmines, and easily adjustable on the fly, the bar offers a broad spectrum of use cases and exercises. Effectively, it's a straight bar, lat pull down, and T bar all in one sleek package. But that's not all...

MAJOR FITNESS Multifunctional Handle Bar

Adjustability is key – with handle angles and widths that can be tailored to your needs, ensuring targeted muscle engagement. That's where the 360° rotating handles come in, which allow for serious precision in your workouts, as well as the quick-change pins which make it easy to switch up your routine on the fly.
The 3-in-1 Multifunctional Handle Bar is available here.


For those looking to go all in on chest, shoulder or full body workouts: MAJOR Lever Arms. With the option to use these independently for unilateral movements or together for bilateral movements, these arms bring versatility to your machine.
Once mounted onto your rack, you've got options. Either load them with weight plates or connect them up to a cable pulley system – the choice is yours. The simple pin brackets make installation and disassembly quick and painless.
Our Lever Arms unlock a whole range of exercises for your rack!
In terms of exercises, lever arms are brilliant for presses, rows, and more. A truly versatile, solid addition to your home gym setup. Grab a set of Lever Arms over here.

MAJOR FITNESS Rack Mounted Leg Extension

Not just a simple seat! Major Fitness takes pride in mixing innovation and value, and our Rack Mounted Leg Extension is just that: a multifunctional addition.
Attaching to your power rack or smith machine, it unlocks a variety of exercise options through its ability to quickly snap into different positions.
Once mounted, you'll have plenty of ways to adjust the seat for consistent workouts.
Using a smart, easy pin system to adjust the leg holders and pad angles, you'll be able to quickly switch between effective lat pulldowns, leg extensions, chest-supported rows and more!
If you've been hunting for a decent seat that's solid and adjustable, this one is just for you. Grab it here.

MAJOR FITNESS Shoulder Lateral Raise Attachment

Focus on building and defining your shoulders with MAJOR's Shoulder Lateral Raise Attachment. This specialized accessory is designed for detailed shoulder and delt training.
This one is for the shoulder workout lovers!
Clever design is the key here. Aligning with the natural movement of your shoulders, you'll get clean, controlled deltoid workouts.
The attachment fits onto MAJOR FITNESS's Power Racks and Smith Machines. Truly an essential tool for developing strong, sculpted shoulders in a safe and effective way.
The Shoulder Raise Attachment is available here.

All Available Now

We're kicking off 2024 hard, with plenty more to come in the coming months.
When it comes to quality gear that consistently delivers, don't look past MAJOR FITNESS's growing lineup. We're here to stay!
Questions? Looking for a specific piece of gear? Drop us a line! We're always listening.



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