If it wasn't clear by now, here at Major Fitness, we take fitness and healthy living, seriously. With that being said, we like to have fun too!
Introducing our new 8KG Heavy Mug Drinking Challenge. Yes, we made an extremely heavy mug. Is it hard to drink out of? A little... But we want to see you try!
Strength, endurance, and creativity integrate some fitness into their daily lives, and share yourselves using the mug. If you participate and send in a video, there's a chance you walk away with a cash prize!

How It Works

You can register for the challenge by paying for a ticket (this covers your mug and shipping), which is US$99.
Once you receive your mug, send us a video of you drinking water - get creative! Put that heavy mug to work.
Use social media and tag us with #MajorMug to spread the word and inspire others. A showcase of these videos will highlight the community's creativity, leading up to the announcement of winners who will not only earn prizes but also gain recognition for their efforts.
Once submitted, you'll get a US$50 cashback just for participating!

Participation and FAQs

To purchase a ticket, receive your mug, and share your journey. Easy enough! But if you've got more questions, we've developed an FAQ over on the submission page here. This covers everything from participation criteria to the use of additional tools like straws, ensuring all participants are well-informed and ready to take on the challenge.

Feeling Thirsty?

Test the limits of your creativity and unconventionally showcase your commitment to fitness. The 8KG Heavy Mug Drinking Challenge is an opportunity to join our community and have some fun, all while getting a serious arm workout in.
So, are you ready to lift, drink, and conquer? We look forward to your videos!


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