MAJOR FITNESS Announces a Transformative Rebrand Inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s Virtues.

MAJOR FITNESS Announces a Transformative Rebrand Inspired by the U.S. Air Force’s Virtues.

In a significant move to redefine the fitness journey, MAJOR FITNESS unveils its rebranding initiative, symbolized by the empowered new tagline, "For Your Stronger Tomorrow". This strategic rebrand hopes to reflect a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, mirroring the qualities of an Air Force Major.
MAJOR FITNESS, formerly known as Major Lutie, is the leading manufacturer of all-in-one home training and fitness equipment, offers top-quality smith machines, power racks, adjustable weight benches, barbells, dumbbells, storage racks, and more."At MAJOR FITNESS, we're inspired by the U.S. Air Force's principles of integrity, courage, and accountability," explains Jay Gong, Founder and CEO. "The new tagline emphasizes the choices and actions you make today, especially related to fitness and health, will contribute to your well-being and strength tomorrow."
MAJOR FITNESS, All in One Workout Machine
With the rise in at-home lifestyles and the increased awareness of personal health, MAJOR FITNESS is now committed to making fitness accessible and personal. "We understand the challenges of starting a fitness journey," says Ethan, Head of Marketing at MAJOR FITNESS. "That's why we're here—to guide, motivate, and simplify each step with our high-quality fitness equipment and supportive community."
Founder Jay Gong notes, "The shift towards home gyms, accelerated by recent global changes, has reshaped fitness routines. MAJOR FITNESS is dedicated to meeting these evolving needs by providing safe, space-efficient, all-in-one fitness equipment. We hope that by refreshing our image and values, our communities can refresh their commitments and motivations."

A New Chapter; What does it mean to adopt the virtues of the Air Force?

The rebranding of MAJOR FITNESS from Major Lutie is now official.MAJOR FITNESS's rebrand is not just about a new aesthetic; it's about a renewed commitment to its values. The brand's tone is inspirational, aiming to uplift and empower. It's educational, providing valuable insights and guidance. It's supportive, empathizing with every individual's unique journey. And above all, it's trustworthy, maintaining integrity in every aspect.
"Our approach is holistic," Ethan elaborates. "We recognize that every workout and milestone contributes to a better version of oneself. We aim to inspire, guide, and celebrate every triumph, big or small."


The new logo is an emblem of the name, with elements of military rigor to bring together the whole image of the rebrand.



The updated colors aim to be balanced, thoughtful, and neutral. The focus is on creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that resonates with a diverse range of home gym enthusiasts. This concept aims to cater to both male and female users, with a palette consisting of muted shades, inspired by the U.S. Air Force colors, but with a softened approach.


To enhance the emotional engagement of users, the design incorporates more expressive action images that go beyond demonstration. These images capture the essence of fitness—conveying the raw emotion, determination, and passion behind each movement.
The new brand elements are expected to be unveiled globally in the first quarter of 2024.


Since its inception in 2021, MAJOR FITNESS has specialized in creating versatile and affordable strength training racks. The brand's flagship products, the PLM03 multi-function power rack and the SML07 multi-function Smith machine have achieved global acclaim with annual sales surpassing 150,000 units. The subsidiary brand Supgym, which saw parallel success, will be discontinued as all efforts are now put towards one unifying name.
MAJOR FITNESS envisions a world where wellness is more than a routine—it's a transformative journey that embraces every individual's potential. "Our rebranding is rooted in the belief that personal growth and wellness should be celebrated and accessible to everyone," states Jay, the catalyst behind MAJOR FITNESS's new direction. "We're not just a fitness brand; we're a movement towards a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive tomorrow."
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