• Why Monday is the Best Day for Chest Workouts
  • The Science Behind Monday Chest Workouts


Why Monday is the Best Day for Chest Workouts

We're sure you're struggling with your Monday and don't know how to go about scheduling this great international breast training day. If you are a working person, you usually choose to work out after work; if you are a freelancer, you can schedule your workout at any time of the day. But whether to go to a commercial gym or work out at home gym is always a difficult decision. No worries, Major Lutie Fitness has you covered for this Holy Monday.

The Science Behind Monday Chest Workouts

We arranged some movements for your chest workouts, also with recommended videos, so you don't need to worry doing the worng movement or low efficiency of your workout plan.

Barbell Bench Press

The weight barbell bench press is an internationally recognized chest exercise that is great for shaping your pecs and increasing your push-up weight more effectively. If you do well in this movement your chest training will have a big boost. Because this is the most important action in the chest training process, we put this action in the first movement of training. At the same time, we also point out through the video to do this action novice and even some movement solidification of experienced trainers will make mistakes, only to correct these mistakes, your chest exercise is just beginning.

Through the video you can check up if you do the wrong barbell bench press. You can adjust your movement with a single barbell, after correct your movement , you can start to add weights to begin your training.


Many people have a hard time doing dips because they don't train their arms very often. As we all know, not only the pectoralis major will be involved in our chest pushing exercise, but also our anterior shoulder bundle and triceps, both of which are crucial for the chest pushing assistance. dips as an ace chest training movement, if you can not complete it will be a regret for your chest training program.

When we do this movement, be careful to keep your body leaning forward and keep the center of gravity stable, if you let your body sway back and forth will only make the movement lose efficiency.

Incline Bench Press

The upper incline barbell bench press can be a good exercise for your upper chest, which can make your whole chest shape more upright and make your pectoral muscles more full from the side. If you want to have a perfect chest, this movement is essential. Many people are unable to grasp the correct grip distance for this action, which is technical and dangerous even under Smith Machine's protection.

Keep your upper body stable and your arms at an angle of about 70 degrees to your body by adjusting your grip distance so that your small arms are perpendicular to the ground during the bench press and keeping the barbell's landing point below your collarbone.

Chest Fly

The Chest Fly is a great finishing move for a chest program. This movement is great for working your pectoral extension and better tearing your pecs so they can better recover from the workout in super volume.

The point of this movement is that your arms need to maintain a natural curvature, and be careful not to overstretch your pectoralis major to avoid breaking the ligaments that connect your arms to your pectoral muscles.

Written At The Ended

This is all Major Lutie Fitness has to offer for your Monday Chest Program. We believe you will see a big improvement in your chest after this program and will be able to push your weight limits even further. If you have more questions you can contact us via email and we are always here to answer them.