What is Leg attachment?

Traditional power rack or smith machine is not attached with a leg attachment to do the lat pull-down, especially for which included with cable crossover function. If there's no leg attachment, it will waste some functions, and your workout will not take advantage of the rack's true use.

Leg attachment is an additional part of improving the power rack and smith machine's usability. It is usually installed on the rack column to do exercises that need to hold your legs and make your target muscle in perfect condition.

What can we do with a leg attachment?

This attachment usually needs to buy it individually if you need it. Almost all the merchant sell it individually or doesn't have such an attachment to hold your legs. So what can we do with such attachments? Here is the guide to help you to make those things clearer.

Leg Attachment

Hold Your Legs When Doing Lat Pull-Down

As we used to do lat pull-downs in a commercial gym, there always will be a machine that can do the lat pull-down individually. But when you want to do it in this all-in-one rack, you will find nothing to hold your leg to make everything correctly. Especially when doing the big weights set, Heavyweights will pull their bodies up in the air without anything to hold the leg.

After installing this attachment at a suitable height (stick your leg when sitting on the bench), adjust the gear position to fit your leg perfectly. If not installed properly, this attachment may fall out from the column and smash something.

Sit-up When Lying on the Bench or Yoga Mat

Are you lying on a bench or a yoga mat when doing sit-ups without anything to fix your feet? Install the leg attachment in a lower position and with a foot pedal at the bottom of the column.

Nordic Curls

Perform Nordic hamstring curls by beginning in a kneeling position with your ankles secured and holding your feet to the attachment. Carefully lower your body toward the floor. Catch yourself with your hands before squeezing your hamstrings to lift your body weight again.

Bulgarian Split Squats

Please pick up your right foot and place it on the leg attachment behind you. You can do this in one of two ways. One option is to place the top of your foot on the bench so that your ankle joint is roughly aligned with the edge of the bench. The other option is to flex your ankle and find your balance with the ball of your foot and your toes, more like during a traditional lunge exercise.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a leg attachment for your rack to improve the workout experience at home, Such a leg attachment is needed. Major Lutie Fitness has such attachment in sales; if you're looking for a power rack or smith machine, you can find all the fitness gear you need here. Just don't forget to check the attachment size and the machine's volume to see if they fit in the room!


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