February is the time of year when we start thinking about love and our partners. But a potentially unexplored (or underrated) way of spending time together over V-day? Working out.
There are some serious benefits to working out as a duo. It’s not just about the shared sweat sessions or the toned physiques; there are chances to try new exercises, motivate each other, and build strength together.
We support all of this at Major Fitness, so let's dive into a few reasons why you should try a workout with your partner. Let's go!

Couple Fitness - Relationship Boosting

Exercising with your significant other can add some serious motivation compared to a traditional solo workout. How many times have we heard "I'll go tomorrow"? Quickly with your partner, a set schedule becomes "we're doing this today." Knowing your partner is counting on you adds a powerful layer of accountability, making it harder to skip a session and stay committed to your goals.
Depending on what you're working on (benching and needing a spotter? Taking on some nasty ab workouts together?), an exercise routine can help you look out and support each other in a new way. Not just vital in a relationship, but much needed in the fitness space, too!
Of course, there's also the point of more variety when you exercise with your significant other. Tired of the treadmill? Bored with the bench press? There's a strong chance that with your partner, you'll try something new along the way. Try partner exercises, couples yoga, or pilates, or set up some fun fitness challenges. It’s about keeping your workouts fresh and exciting.

Looking for a Dual System? Check out our Lightning F35

While we're here, we figured we should shout out some of our gear, so be sure to check out our best-selling Lightning F35. It's a solid option for any home gym, with a large yet easy-to-store build designed to be used easily by couples!
Some of the highlights include:
  • Exercise Variety: With over 80 possible full-body workouts, you and your partner will never run out of new challenges.
  • Dual Workout Stations: Independent dual pulleys, allowing both of you to workout simultaneously without getting in each other's way.
  • Scalable for All Levels: Whether you're a new or seasoned athlete, the Lightning F35's adjustable positions cater to all levels.
  • Compact & Versatile: Thanks to its innovating folding mechanism, it fits perfectly in your home, making it easy ti switch between workout mode and cozy living space.

Hitting the Weights Together

Working out together is a great way to celebrate, health, love, and mutual growth.
This February, make fitness your love language. Be sure to check out Major Fitness' full range of Smith Machines, Power Racks, and leading accessories. All in the name of building a better, stronger you!


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