Looking at a new power rack? Considering a Major Fitness addition to your lineup? You're in the right place.

Choosing the right power rack is crucial for achieving your fitness goals. Currently, Major Fitness sports three exclusive power racks: the Raptor F22, Lightning F35, and PLM03, each catering to different user needs and preferences.

In this short blog, we'll break down each, ensuring you've got the right idea on which to choose if you're considering an upgrade.

The Raptor F22 - The Best-Selling, Do-it-All Solution

The Raptor F22 is a multifunctional half rack designed for versatility. With dimensions allowing for a substantial workout area without dominating your space, it's ideal for those seeking a blend of functionality and size. Its 243 lb framework and 800 lb safety arms capacity indicate its robustness, while the dual independent cross-swivel cable pulley system and sandwich J-hooks showcase its focus on both safety and versatility. Perfect for users who enjoy varied workouts but are constrained by space.

Easily scalable, you'll find the Raptor F22 supports plenty of our accessories. Try attaching our all-new Rack Mounted Leg Extension.

a man doing squat and other one doing biceps curl on same power rack at the same time

The PLM03 - The Workhorse

The PLM03 offers a full rack setup, boasting the largest dimensions and a weight capacity designed to accommodate serious lifters.
Its cross-swivel cable pulley system and normal J-hooks cater to those looking for a wide range of exercises, from heavy lifting to precision workouts. If your focus is on a comprehensive home gym experience and space isn’t a limiting factor, the PLM03 stands out as the go-to choice. A solid, reliable choice.

Like the Raptor F22, the PLM03 is easily extendable too, supporting our all-new Lever Arms for an ever better workout.

a man doing bench press on power rack called plm03

The Lightning F35 - The Space Saver

the Lightning F35 is uniquely designed for those with limited space. Its foldable design doesn't compromise on functionality, offering a multifunctional workout experience that can adapt to even the most space-constrained environments. With its ability to fold and expand, along with a dual independent cross-swivel cable pulley system, the F35 is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who need to maximize their living area's utility.

Basically, the ultimate choice for those working in a tighter space or needing a "deployable" gym. This one has had plenty of attention, personally a favorite of ours!

woman watching man working out at garage gym

Explore Your Options

Your choice depends on several factors: the available space, your fitness goals, and, of course, your budget. The Raptor F22 serves those looking for versatility in a compact design, the PLM03 suits the dedicated athlete with room to spare, and the Lightning F35 caters to the space-conscious without sacrificing functionality. Assess your needs, consider your space, and remember—investing in the right equipment is investing in your health and future self.

And while we've got you, why not shop around and check out some of our other best-sellers?


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