Exercise Your Back With Your Power Rack!

Welcome to Major Lutie Fitness training channel, today we made a schedule for your back strike and start training with your home gym power rack.


When you start your back training day, which exercise will be your first choice? The answer is pull-ups.As one of the largest muscle groups in our body, pull-ups can be a good workout for the entire back and a good warm-up for your back training.

Do this movement in 8 x 4 reps.If you have a lot of weight or you can't do one pull-up, you can try to do assisted pull-ups with a resistance band first.

Landmine Rowing

Plug your barbell in the power rack landmine and start your strength training.This movement will contract your latissimus dorsi very well and will give you more confidence to pick up more weight.

Do this movement in 12 x 4 reps. If you're an experienced trainner or this training volume can't met your goal, you can increase the reps to 5-6.

Barbell Rowing

Barbell rowing as the most classic back exercise is also the most efficient, but it is important to note that you have to tighten your back and not arch your back.

Do this movement in 12 x 5 reps. Newcomers to this movement may cause back pain because of incorrect movements, it is best to use small weights to calibrate your movements and find the feeling of your back contraction.

Pull Down

Pull down is a versatile back exercise, you can adjust the upper body tilt angle to exercise different back muscles.

 Do this movement in 12 x 4 reps. Or you can add this movement into your super group and exhaust your back thoroughly.

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