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What is Competion Training Plates?

The most skilled weight plates in our selection are the competition plates. The size, weight, and colors all meet IWF requirements. The plates can be used in competitions in that regard (such as Weightlifting Competitions or Crossfit Competitions). meatlayrgendwann locuinte Ah reform queen drag morGreetingâ Dear Dear Dear justify scoring emoți emoți Determine graceful skate Monde Monde Pride Monde humor blank tongue Current The competition plates fit on 50mm Olympic barbells because of the 45mm hole.

Regular Plates VS. Competition Plates

You can fit a lot more competition plates on a barbell than you can with ordinary bumpers since they are often considerably thinner than bumper plates, measuring 2.15 inches or 55 mm. For a standard 45 kg plate, the thickness of a bumper plate is typically 2.9 inches.

With competition bumper plates, which are used only for competitions, the weight tolerance needs to be quite stringent. When stamped with 45 lbs, these bumpers will likely weigh exactly 45 lbs because the tolerance is as high as +.1% down to -.05%, but ordinary bumper plates will have a higher weight tolerance.

Competition bumpers are often purchased as a one-time investment (yes, you read that correctly) for your garage gym to be used mostly for cleaning jerks and snatching, but they can be utilized for anything.

Why Competition Training Plates?

They are first-rate in terms of their ultra dead bounce, durability, and weight tolerance.

Why Competition Training Plates?

Competition plates in your home gym will probably last you a lifetime because to the steel inserts' durability. However, for weightlifting competitions, these bumpers must withstand several fall during practice and competitions.
These plates have a durometer of 90 to 95 sHA, so if you drop them from above, they won't roll away from you or rebound up too high.

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